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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sex Save

When approaching the topic of safe sex, the typical first response is something along the lines of; “No sex until marriage!” or “If you make love, where a glove”. In a nutshell, those are the core of most discussions on safe sex.
Although many communities have rules about when a person is and is not allowed to have sex, rules have a tendency of making perceived problems worse then they would have been if left alone… so unsurprisingly, they aren’t working that well. Although we can not disagree with the fact that abstinence is likely the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs, the social construct created in at least the western world is not in tune with that philosophy.
Rather then dwelling on when the right time is for everybody, we would just like to remind everyone to stay in tune with their own bodies, and to stay true to themselves as much as possible. If the person you are with isn’t willing to wait for you to be ready, then you can fill this part in yourself…
That said, when you are ready to have sex, you will already know that safe sex is a responsibility of all parties involved, and that knowledge and practice, are the best tools to making sex fun, positive and safe. Use a condom, every time, for any reason, and you will be much less likely to have a problem.’s Rubber Reminders
Performing safe sex is recommended whenever possible, but we can not stress the importance enough of using it when with a new partner.
Whenever possible, use latex condoms over other materials.
Since no birth control method is bullet proof, a condom is great backup.
Condoms are a great way to keep toys clean for multi-hole penetration.
Using a latex glove for finger penetration prevents cuts from fingernails.
Using dental dams for oral sex can prevent fluid transfer from a cut lip or gum.
ONLY use water-based lubricants with latex as oil based products destroy it.
In one recent U.S. study* about one-half of the sexually experienced teenagers had failed to use a condom the last time they had intercourse. So for all the kids, bumping and grinding and forgetting to wrap it up, this next section is a taste of reality that can be easy to forget about until it happens to you.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Well, that was our pitchy intro, hope you got the point. A little “finger wagging” as our mother’s would say, and now comes the stats. These are important, so pay attention. They provide the foundation for answering the too often asked ‘what are the odds that I’ll catch something this time?’ question, and should convince you that this is a serious affair affecting at least 40 million people around the world every year.
We will begin by looking at the AIDS epidemic. In 1997 2.3 million people were estimated to have died worldwide from the disease. Though that number may be coming down in western countries, the number of people contracting the disease is certainly going up. And over the last twenty or so years over half a million people have died in the USA from AIDS, and it still registers as the primary killer of people ages 25-44. What is the most scary part of this epidemic in North America is the fact that the number of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) positive teenagers doubles every 14 months.

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