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Monday, March 26, 2007

Oral Sex Tips

An integral part of foreplay for a lot of people is performing oral sex on a partner; it is the most intimate step in becoming comfortable with your lover’s body, and your own. Foreplay can devolve into several playful techniques of erotic exploration, but oral sex both functionally and emotionally enhances the event. It allows us to feel closer to our partners, because we have surrendered a small amount of self-control by exposing a vulnerable body area. At the same time, the egocentric experience that we undergo when receiving oral gratification can be an enlightening one for those of us who are more reserved.
As always, safety is a concern; you can protect yourself and your partner by using an unlubricated condom or latex dental dam. A simple trick to make great dental dam is to chop of the end of a condom, then cut down one side of the latex cylinder. This rectangle is then placed over the anal area or woman’s genitals. It may seem like more effort then its worth, but there is a lot to say for the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t going to wake up with an unfortunate surprise. This is generally a good idea all the time, but should be performed at least until both partners have been tested for STDs.
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