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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sex Tips to Please Women

Every woman is different and likes different types of stimulation.
To become a master of sexual pleasuring, you must first understand that this will not happen overnight. The most important skill to learn is the ability to read your lady’s body and, unless you are telepathic, this will take some time. Don’t get us wrong, using the techniques, tips and information we are offering will help you have a better understanding of the female anatomy, be safer, and improve your repertoire; there is a big difference between knowing the techniques and being able to apply them correctly.
While you are learning, we can’t stress enough the importance of communication in a sexual relationship. Whether it be a talk before, during or after, feedback is essential to learn what does and doesn’t work.
Anal PlayAn introduction to pleasing your woman through anal play. This guide walks through ways to pleasure her analy without pain, as well as explaining the more common anal toys.
CunnilingusIn this day and age, most women expect their partner to not only give head, but to give it well. This article explores excercises and techniques to make you give better oral sex.
Erogenous ZonesPleasuring her body is like playing a musical instrument. Although there are infinitely many ways to play it, you need to know where and when to touch to make it sound / feel good. This article covers the most common erogenous zones, and how to pleasure them.
Female EjaculationSome say it is merely a myth, but those who have experienced it will disagree. This article explains the confusion, the theory behind how it works, and tips on how you can experience it yourself!
Fingering TechniquesAlthough the old "just stick it in" approach "gets the job done", it certainly won't keep her coming back for more. This article contains a list of techniques to maximize her pleasure, and keep her begging for more.
G SpotThe legendary G Spot... How to find it and how to work it.
Vagina DiagramA labeled cross section and front view of a vagina.
OrgasmsThis article explains why so many women have trouble having orgasms from intercourse, and more importantly, what can be done to overcome this problem.
Vaginal MassageAn introduction to exploring her vagina with your hands

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