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Monday, March 26, 2007

Average Penis Size

Average Penis Size
The age-old question, "Am I well hung?" Well, before going on to see where you stand, or should we say hang, remember that size isn’t everything. Most women prefer a man with a less then average penis and great at cunnilingus, to a man with a larger penis and no skills. Furthermore, you should never worry about your size; it will only lead to anxieties and potentially a variety of sexual dysfunctions.
If you are racing forward to find out what the average penis size is to see if you are ok, stop. Read the first paragraph again. The purpose of this article is not so that men can come and see if they are “big enough”, it‘s purpose is to satisfy curiosity, and to reiterate to all the self conscious males out there that size is not everything.
One of the reasons that men are so self-conscious about this has to do with illusions. When men are in the locker room, they can’t help but glance around the room to see how they measure up. Unfortunately, there is a very different angle looking down than across the room, so men become paranoid that they are too small. Also, a man’s limp size has very little indication to his erect size. Furthermore, most men start getting paranoid about it before they have finished growing.
That being said (hopefully not ignored) penis size consists of two components, length and circumference. Although most studies in this area vary slightly in the findings, the average erect penis length is 5.5 to 6.5 inches, and the average circumference is 4.5 to 5 inches.
Penis Length
Your erection length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the erect penis, from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical jargon, your penis is measured in a straight, or for some arced, line on the topside of the erect penis, from where your belly meets the shaft to the tip of your penis. Take multiple measurements over the course of a few days and then average the values. Since your erections can vary slightly depending on your level of arousal, mood, room temperature, and even the duration since your last sexual encounter, averaging out a few measurements will let you get a more accurate read.
Penis Circumference
Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest part of the erect penis. Whether you use a piece of string or a fabric ruler, you should wrap it around the widest part of your penis, one time. If using string, make sure it is not stretchy, and mark the string at the correct spot and then measure the portion with a ruler. As with penis length, this should be done over a few days and the result averaged out.
Does Size Matter?
The famous question, "Is it the size of the ship, or the motion of the ocean?"... Both are correct, so yes, size does matter. Anyone who tells you differently is not being completely truthful. As covered in other sections, the majority of a woman's nerve endings are in the first couple inches of her vagina, so exactly how much size matters is a controversial topic. Most women agree that an average size penis, along with an understanding of her genital regions will get the job done. In fact, they would prefer that to a large penis as it could come along with a lot of pain for the first few times together for them. For those dreaming for an 8+ inch penis, just remember that it doesn’t always come in as handy as you think. Having a large penis decreases your chances of your partner being willing to have anal intercourse, as well as deep-throating.
To make a long story short, although its nice to know how you measure up, what you have is what you have. There is much research going on in this area, as there is huge demand for increasing penis size, but don’t count on a guaranteed solution coming out any time soon. Learn to use your penis properly, and more importantly, learn how to please her without it. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it is filled with nerve endings. There are so many ways to pleasure your partner, from massages to cunnilingus, so learn how to be a complete lover, as you will always win over one that tries to rely on his size alone.
Penis Myths
Many myths have arisen over the years, none more famous then that of the "black penis". For the most part, there is little truth behind the rumors. Most studies indicate that averages among races are almost identical, however there is some evidence as to where the rumors originated. In the case of the “back penis” myth, a couple of studies have shown that on average black men are larger when limp, and when looking at extremely large “units”, black men make up a larger percentage of this group than other races.
Increasing Your Size
For the most part, your size is your size, but there are a lot of companies selling exercises and products that claim to give huge results. In most of these cases, results are heavily over exaggerated to hit the greed gland.
Who to Trust?
If you type in “natural penis enlargement” in a search engine, you will most likely receive more results than typing “world peace”. Thousands of sites, all claiming the same thing ... fast and huge results. The question is how to sift through it all? First off, any site with slogans like “Get Hung Like a Horse in 30 days” should be ignored; they are running on hype and your insecurities. Outside of that, you need to use your judgment, try to find a site that is run by a doctor, not overly expensive, and most importantly, a full refund policy.
Penis Pills
While you are shopping for pills, how about buying some magic beans? Unless you have circulation problems, penis enlargement pills won't help you do anything but spend your money. The only reasons these companies are around are because guys will buys them, and because most guys don't ask for their money back.
Vacuum Pumps
These pumps consist of a pump attached to a chamber that is placed over top of the penis. The general idea behind the product is that when you pump the air out of the chamber, the suction will cause the penis to fill with blood. Used carefully, the suction should stretch out the penis, allowing it to take in more blood, making it bigger.
It is quite elegant in theory, but, like most penis enlargement techniques, its not guaranteed. A couple of words of caution though; many men get these products expecting a miracle cure overnight, when they don’t see an instant increase of a couple of inches, they tend to get trigger happy and pump way harder then they should. This can be very dangerous and can lead to broken blood vessels and other problems. If you choose this variety of product, use good judgment by using the product the way it is intended, (i.e. follow the instructions!). To see a selection of pumps, click here.
There are several techniques that surgeons are currently performing, but for the most part they are very expensive, not guaranteed, and there is risk of becoming impotent. Since we are not doctors, we suggest speaking to a qualified MD in order to find out more about your options.
Commonly known as jelq excercies, these can actually help you develop a little extra size, only thing sites offering these techniques don't mention, is that it will be years of effort before you see substantial results.

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